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Back up and folding on a couple rigs, but doubt I'll get back to  where I was. On all linux now with AMD vid cards. Seems AMD isn't putting out decent drivers for Linux, and I'm not going to buy the high priced nvidia cards just for folding. So PPD is going to suffer.

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Man, yall are some troopers from the first order! I wish I could fold with yall, but life doesn't permit that right now. Maybe I will again in the future, if Murphy decides to move out. 🤣

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I guess while I don't have plex transcoding on my gpu,  I could fold on it for the time being. How's foldin on an RX480?


Edit:Man, they've made setup incredibly simple these days. I'll be folding on my gpu while I'm not at the pc and working.


Edit2: Seems I can't decouple the cpu and gpu and and I can't tie up both, so scratch that. 

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