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Thanks guys. Any tips on increasing processing speed? I'm running Win-X on a Pentium Dual E2220 @ 2.4 GHz on an MSI Biostar G41M7 mobo. I haven't looked into overclocking, but was wondering if there are tweaks I can make in the FAH user interface.

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Video cards are the high point producers one good 900 series card will put out a lot more points than any CPU that I know of today.

So your best bet is to get the best GPU you can and fold on it. I am folding on two EVGA 980 Hydro Copper and two EVGA Titan X Hydro Copper GPU's for the Pit Crew and put out better than 2 million points on some days.

I have another computer that has two more EVga 980 Hydro Coppers folding for another team but when they are folding all on the same team I do hit 3 million a day at times.

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Earl, Guns is right...video cards are the major point producers in today's Folding. You can use any Nvidia card from 400 series & up (GTX460, 460Ti and etc). For an ATI/AMD card you'll have to have something from a 7950 up. For awhile some of us were running server boards with multiple CPU's like Intel Xeon's or AMD Opteron's. I have one that I may put back into use in the near future along with a video card that will run [email protected] on the same board. My hope is to be able to shut down 2 other PC's that I Fold on and just run the server along with my main rig.

For tweaks:

Open FahControl and click Configure at the top and go to the Identity tab. (Make sure you have a Passkey inserted, you'll get more points.)

You can get a Passkey here > http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/getpasskey.py(Don't lose it, keep it in a safe place. Also it will be "case sensitive" so any caps are important)

Now go to the Slots tab, if you're Folding on the CPU and GPU they should both show there; highlight one and click "edit" on the lower right. If you're folding on the CPU and GPU in the Window that just opened one or the other will be selected, for the CPU make sure where it says "number of cores to use, etc., etc." for your CPU should show 2 in the little box. (You can change it by usijng the up/down buttons)

IMPORTANT - If running a GPU also you should allow at least one CPU core per GPU being used, so like I have an 8 core CPU I Fold on 6 cores for the CPU, leaving 2 cores for the GPU. Everything will run better that way.

Now in the same Window scroll to the bottom and you'll see a box and it will say "Add/Remove", click "Add" and a small box will pop up, in the top part where it says "Name" type > client-type and in the lower part that says "Value" type > advanced


Clear as mud? :lol: That ought to get you going if you can follow my instructions...or this guide from Stanford might help > https://folding.stanford.edu/home/guide/configuration-guide/


At any rate Fold On!


edit: I should have added that you can Fold on about any CPU/s but the more cores it has the better.






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Another good flag to use you can have more than one is this.

In the top box type: next-unit-percentage

In the bottom box type: 100


This will not allow the next work unit to down load to your pc and just sit there for a long time loosing points before it starts folding.

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