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Nvidia Beta driver


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The latest nvidia driver finally has xrandr support built in.


That means when using an nvidia driver you will not be able to configure and or rotate your screen in the systems settings or desktop settings and have them take effect immediately rather than using nvidia-settings and having to retsart the xserver for changes to take effect. Also now in my desktop settings I have multiple output selections available that were not previously available.


Seems to have taken for ever for these things to become available with nvidia cards. While I believe nvidia has always produced the best hardware and drivers for Linux systems this is a big step in making configurations much much more simple for the everyday user.


I am currently using the latest beta driver without any problems.


If you want to try this driver it is available at


32 bit http://www.nvidia.co....07-driver.html


64 bit http://www.nvidia.co....07-driver.html


Caveat Emptor folks ;)

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