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Sound Issue


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Hey everyone. Having a strange issue...started the other day, possibly after a few updates.


I was listening to a few videos on youtube, and the sound was static-y. I thought the speakers were blown, but I rebooted into Windows and they sound perfect. So, it ain't the speakers.


I'm using the latest version of OpenSuSE (64 bit KDE). Anyone got any suggestions or ever heard of something like this before?

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Configure desktop.






Click the "backend" tab


Switch to vlc.


If vlc is not an available option, you can find it in yast by searching for vlc, then selecting the vlc phonon backend

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Not sure what changed in your system that hasn't changed in mine. I have three computers all running opensuse, all running the latest updates and the latest KDE all play videos and youtube videos without a problem.

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Does it always sound bad or only while online?

What were the "possible" updates and was the sound fine before that?

Have you removed the sound card and reconfigured it in Yast to try and resolve it?

Whats enabled in Suse that isn't in windows or vice versa....ie...Bluetooth?

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-Everything sounds bad...whether it's web based or local content.

-Checked the updates...doesn't look like any of them even releate to sound


-No recent changes. No bluetooth.


Worst case scenario I just re-install. Waste of an hour or two but it will solve the issue.

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