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Customize Desktop Backgrounds


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Steps for customizing your desktop backgrounds,


1. Collect all photos you want to use into a single folder. The name and location don't matter, so long as you remember both.


2. Right-click any open space on your Windows desktop and choose Personalize


3. Click theDesktop Background option.


4. Next to Picture Location, click Browse.


5. Navigate to the folder containing the desktop photos you want to add; click the folder and then click OK.


6. By default, Windows will select all of the photos contained in that folder. If you want to exclude some of those images, clear their checkboxes.


7. Modify any slideshow settings you want to adjust, such as Picture Position and the change frequency. When done click Save Changes


8. You will see a new Unsaved Theme. To apply it at once, click it; then click Save theme and decide for a name for the theme.





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