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Locked myself out of SUSE


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Tried to change from Gnome to KDE desktop.


Loaded KDE from my SUSE disc now on bootup it is asking for a USER/Password and it won't take the one I set up when I installed the OS, and have happily been using.


Green login screen with:


Linux_lls8 Login





Any ideas??

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You can boot with the installation DVD/CD then at the grub screen type


type init=/bin/bash to boot as root without password,


You then need to mount the root partition with this command mount -o remount,rw /


then use the command passwd to change you root password


Reboot the system wehn done, then you can log in as root go into Yast and change your user account settings/password


Be very sure to note whether capitals are being used because everything in Linux is case sensitive.

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