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It's pretty old news.


Then of course they had "one" developer. That was the huge mistake. Getting rid of that one developer was a no brainier for a company that never intended to have a GUI with options, features and tools for the end user to change things.


KDE never has never been and never will be a stripped down, dumbed down, limited Desktop Environment so it simply doesn't fit into the father knows best mentality of Shuttleworth.

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i think it was a mistake, only because it is better than what they have.


seems they want to push the unity thing, and can't do it when their are more kubuntu users.


they must think it'll die off!


poor strategy for conanical.

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well, it looks like the new version of kubuntu is out.




also interested in calligra




i will definitely be installing this operating system and program soon..


though it will be sponsored from 12.10, i am interested to see what'll happen, i will search for huge flaws, as they'll be expected....

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