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question about getting external monitor working


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I was trying to hook up an external monitor to my Asus laptop , but I'm getting a no signal message on the external monitor. I thought it would work since I had just gotten the latest 295.40 nvidia driver , but I just tried it again and its still not working.


I asked in another forum and one of the guys suggested I try connecting in the BIOS , so I tried that and it does connect to it there but as soon as I boot into my linux partition it stops working. I got it to work on my windows partition when I installed the driver from the nvidia site.


How do I get it to work with the 295.40 driver ( since this is the driver that has the security vulnerability closed)?


I'm hoping I don't have to use an older driver and have to go through the hassle of patching it.

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Bring up NVIDIA X Server Settings.


X Server Display Config.


Enable the external monitor.


Twin view is probably what you want...Play around with it until you get it working to your liking.

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I just checked that and it won't allow me to select twin view. Its there , but I can't click on it.


ok, I just tried it again after rebooting and its picking up the external monitor now , but its displaying kinda funny. Its kinda off the screen.

I guess I'll play around with it a bit and see I can get it working properly.

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