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What you own.


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Welcome to What You Own, a site that offers free software that will help you inventory what you own. There are a lot of practical reasons to create an inventory of what you own. What if your house burned down? What if you were robbed? What if you’re moving and need a better way to know what you have, so that you can pare down or store correctly? What if you need to do an inventory so you can insure your household goods?


I suggest that before you download the software and go to town making an inventory, that you read the FAQ section. This will answer a lot of the questions you may have or that may spring up before you get started. It also provides you food for thought. For example, do you want to take pictures of your items?



What I love about this software is its functionality. Sure you could keep a folder in your file cabinet with receipts, pictures, and a list of what you own – but isn’t that kind of a pain to keep updated? With this software, you can add recent purchases as well as, delete items that you have given away or trashed.


Because you make the inventories room by room, this would also be great software to have to set your house back up after a move! You would know exactly what went there.


You never know when you’re going to need an inventory of your home, so get started today!



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