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Portable Fix It Troubleshooters Suite


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Fix It from Microsoft are a great way of fixing your Windows problems quickly in a click. These automated troubleshooters scan your system and then present you with a report displaying possible problems and offer to fix the problems for you.


Typically to run these Automated Troubleshooting Solutions, you have to visit the particular page and click on the Run Now button.


But if you want to download them, to run on a different or a disconnected computer, you may download the Portable Fix It Troubleshooters Suite.


Clicking on the download link, given at the end of this post, will download a 229 KB MicrosoftFixit-portable.exe file. Run it and Accept the conditions. You will now be required to enter the path of the folder where you want to download the approximately 40 MB file. Once done, click Save and wait for the download to complete.


Portable Fix It Troubleshooters Suite [direct download link]


- - - -

Thanks to The Windows Club.

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