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PCMatic W/Super Shield ---- Replace McAfee?

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Most competing security products provide a 'Real Time' agent running in the background. SuperShield is also a real-time agent and is monitoring every application that attempts to open on the computer. Running two real time agents can be a source of conflicts, causing the computer to run slowly as well as exhibit strange behaviors. You should choose only one real-time agent to use and uninstall any others.


PC Matic not only includes a scan, detect, and remove function for malware, it also includes PC Matic RT and SuperShield.


There are more details about SuperShield here:



There are more details about PC Matic Real Time here:


PC Matic real-time protection is running constantly on a computer, once installed. It looks and warns about any file that the user tries to run, that looks to be malware. In fact, once installed, this software is keeping track of everything that is being run on the computer.

What is the user experience?


Unlike PC Matic, there is not much in the way of pretty pictures, or gas gauges flicking on your screen, telling you what they are doing, and where they are in the process of scanning your entire computer.


This software runs as a tray application, on the right side of your tray. It sits there very quietly, for the most part, watching each program you run, and waiting to warn you should it consider something you try to run is malware.


In fact, if you don't try to run something that is malware, you will never even know it's running. However, if you do, it might be nice to be warned, and that's what this does.


If it comes upon a program it thinks is malware, it will warn you, and ask you what you would like to do about it. You have the option, of letting it run, blocking it, always blocking it, or always allowing it, or of course, you can quarantine away so it will cause no further problems. What does it install and what's going on?


Currently, this likely looks like it is doing very little. The reality is, it is actually installing both a windows service (much like our scheduler) along with a tray application, and runs constantly, on your computer, looking and deciding on each program you run.


By default, this will start running, and turn on from the time you install it. It does that for every user configured on the computer (up to 5)

It is, however, quite unobtrusive, and just sits there trying to protect you from whatever those malware writers out there are trying to get you to stumble into.


Please let us know if we can assist further.

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Looking for clarification on this answer. Do I understand that PCMatic with SuperShield will replace Anti-Virus programs such as Avast, AVG, Norton/Symantec and the like? Therefore an AV program/suite is not needed when you have PCMatic with SuperShield installed. Also, is malware detection real-time? Or is malware detected upon running a scan? Since not mention of Firewall has been made...I assume you keep Windows Firewall active. Thanks...

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Yes, PC Matic with SuperShield will replace Anti-Virus programs such as Avast, AVG, Norton/Symantec and the like.


SuperShield provides real time protection while PC Matic itself has a scan, detect, and clean option.


Yes, you can/should keep the Windows firewall active.

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Appreciate it. Just what I wanted to hear. I've been using PCMatic since it was first announced and an avid user of Optimize and then Optimize 2. I was into Avast already for a year and during the use of PCMatic started seeing all these neat things delivered.

I suspected that Avast might be unnecessary...maybe even MalwareBytes. Both PCMatic is up for renewal as well as Avast and I think I'll not renew the Avast suite. I'm trusting PCPitstop to maintain the latest in virus updates...which I have the utmost of confidence you all will. I've also been with PCPitstop since day one. Thanks again.

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I have one last question. Since I use Outlook 2002 that doesn't have a Spam/Junk folder, does Super Shield create one as Avast does with an Outlook Add-In? I get a lot of Junk and require the automatic filtering and don't plan on going to Outlook 2003 or newer. Thanks. Ed
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PC Matic does not include a spam filter.


I would recommend that you simply login to your online email account and see if you can configure the spam options from there, before the emails even download to the local computer.

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