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Well, the easy answer would be to get broadband... :)


You can see if there are some newer or better drivers for that modem. You could try getting a new modem, they are relatively cheap nowadays. If you are using the modem on a phone line with a lot of other equipment on it (phones, answering machines, etc.) try unplugging that stuff. If you can, try another ISP or perhaps a different phone number for your ISP, maybe you can see if it's an issue with the modems at your ISP.


If you are in an older house it may have non-twisted-pair wiring. This is usuallly round tan-colored cable with four wires in it colored red-green-yellow-black. This kind of wire is not good for data. Older neighborhoods also have generally bad wiring that will not support high speed data. There's not much you can do about either of these though, so if a new modem or drivers doesn't help then you're probably out of luck.

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