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Tips on Calibre


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Tips on Calibre - ebook conversion program


Calibre is both an ebook conversion program and a library for your collection. It is a freeware and can be downloaded from their website; has downloads for both PC and Mac: www.calibre-ebook.com


How - to:

To add books: Open calibre and click on "Add books" at the top left - a window will open and you can look for your file to be added/converted. Click on the title of the book and click "open" and it will be added to the list.


To convert format: Click to highlight the title of the book, click on "Convert Books" and a window will open showing "Input Format" at the top left (which is the format you currently have) and "Output Format" at the top right showing EPUB - click on EPUB and a drop-down menu will appear showing the formats you want to convert your books to; click on the one you need.


After conversion, the right side of the page will show the title, author and formats of the book.

Click it to open (path) and a window will open showing what formats calibre has. Copy/paste the format you need to your own files or to your ebook reader device.


That's it!

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