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I have been trying to download and update for my NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 video driver. My internet is very inconsistent and the download will stop in the middle and be corrupted. I am currently using HughesNet as my ISP. Is there a way to have magnet links so I will be able to download completely at some point from 1-5 AM?

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Hi Billy Shellman,


Sorry to read of your difficulty.


Peer to Peer Torrents, and the newer innovation of magnet links were and are a wonderful technology.

But unfortunately, disreputable agents have seen fit to use P2P for less than legal, and often harmful purposes.


As such, P2P are therefore a high risk for transmission of corrupted scripting and malware, as well as contraband content.


Most reputable self-help forums do not support nor do they assist with P2P activities.


Though perhaps terribly frustrating, your best course of action may be to work with your ISP to attempt to improve your service.

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