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Watch Live TV on your PC w/ RtmpGUI and VLC


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Internet tv is something that is desired intensely today. With people getting access to high speed broadband and 3G, Internet TV has become a possibility.


Right, so we have Internet TV but what about the drawbacks? Suppose you’re watching a match on ESPN online, and suddenly you feel that you should check out the new ‘Dexter’ episode and then you feel like watching ‘Supernatural’.

What do you do then? I am sure you won’t search Google wildly for live streams of these shows with billions of popup ads in the way! We need to find a good solution, and rtmpGUI does look like one.



For more information and instructions http://www.thegeeksc...-pc-rtmpgui-vlc


download http://www.filehippo.com/download_vlc/


Note: exclusive for Windows

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