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Antivirus software detects multiple trojans and a trojan dropper.

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Hello, I use microsoft security essentials and it has found following the trojans:





Sirefef.N (calls it a trojandropper.)


I can delete it but it pops up again and again.


I scanned my system with Eset online scanner and it found "a variant of Win32/Kryptik.ABXM,

probably a variant of Win32/Sirefef.DV and win32/Sirefef.DD


Malwarebytes antimalware found a few thing but I could delete all but one registry entry that seems to "regenerate" itself every time I delete it.


From my online research it looks like these are pretty severe rootkits and all my passwords might be comprimised and I can't use online banking anymore. I don't get redirected to random sites, microsoft SE seems to stop that.


I use WIndows 7 32 bit.


Is there any chance that I can remove the trojans from my system?

Thanks for any help.

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When faced with rootkits, a format and fresh install is always the safest method of insurance.


It's by no means the only solution, but it is the safest. I do hope that you have back ups and don't lose anything important.


:) Y

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