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How to Open a stuck or DVD drive


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Sometimes you will come across with a problem that the dvd or cd drive will not open. Here are a few things you can try!



1. Restart your Windows PC and see if it helps. You may also try clicking on the Eject button while the computer is booting and see if it works.

2. Check if any locking software exists on your computer which prohibits the tray being opened.

3. Ensure that all your power cables are not loose and are properly connected.

2. Open Computer folder and right-click the icon for the CD or DVD drive that is stuck, and then click Eject.


3. Look for a small hole below the Drive Tray. This is the Manual Tray Release. Take a pin or a straightened-out paper click and insert and push it in the hole. At the same time you may have to continue to press the tray’s Open or Eject button.

4. Check out http://www.favessoft.com/TraySetup.zip. It is a simple utility to Open or Close the Tray for Optical Drives.


5. If things still don’t work out I guess you will have to open the machine’s side-panels and open the tray manually either yourself or with the help of a technician.




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