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If you have an old USB hard drive or similar and want to deletes files from it, you may get a "write-protected" message. This can be that you are running a different version of Windows, an example is that your computer is using windows 7 64 bit and the USB hard drive was formatted on a 32 bit version of XP.


To fix this you can try the following:


1. Open a Command prompt by clicking Start, typing command, and clicking Command Prompt.

2. Type diskpart and press Enter.

3. Type list volume and press Enter.

4. Type select volume #, where # is the number of the drive that's giving you the "write-protected" error. In my case, I ended up typing select volume 3.

5. Type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter.

6. Type exit and press Enter.



Complete article http://www.pcworld.com/article/245174/restore_access_to_a_writeprotected_hard_drive.html




Thanks to, Rick B.

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