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7 Steps to secure Windows 7


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1. Enable BitLocker - This can be used to encrypt any volume on your hard drive, this include boot, system and removable media.


2. Rise the UAC (User Account Control) bar - note that when installing a program you will be asked several times due the hig security.


3. Windows Update- Microsoft will be releasing important and critical patches and updates.


4. Install antivirus, antimalware and Firewall - This is one important step, specially if you use the computer for internet surfing where you can get a lot of nasty things. A good antivirus is Microsoft Security Essentials which it has Antivirus and Antimalware.


5. Enable the SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer 8


6. Take and inventory of the programs and apps installed


7. backup your data



For complete details visit http://www.infoworld...-7-326?page=0,0


Thanks to,


Roger Grimes, Infoworld

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