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What Is Going On With My PCMatic?

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I have had PCMatic for Years ... For the very first time, I have a Major Problem.


And, I find that I do not have access to Tech Support. Just this Forum ... OMG ...!!!!!!!!!!!


I ran PCMatic this afternoon, and it said that I needed a new Realtek Audio driver. I walked away from the PC, while it did its thing, and later, I noticed that the progress had stopped, and a box said that the script was causing a slow down, or something ... I clicked cancel. Then, under that box, there was a box that said that the files were corrupt, and that I should download new ones. I clicked okay. I got a box that said that WinRAR self extracting archive was running, but ... that the "CRC had failed in MaxxAudio Realtek.dll Unexpected end of archive" (In RED!!).


And, PCMatic just froze ... I stopped the program, and tried again, but it kept on happening. The driver successfully loads, but it doesn't install. PCMatic even keeps on showing "Junk Files" after every scan, but they never get cleaned up! I have tried several times! What is going on here???


I don't know that much about the inner workings of this computer, which should be obvious (That's Why I Bought PCMatic!!!). I had so much faith in this program, but now - after this, I don't think that I am going to renew ...


No Tech help??????!!!!!!!



Pam Parker

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