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Cant stay connected to the Net & other various problems.


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Hello all :)


What started out looking like a minor problem or annoyance. Has now become a major headache & looks like a major problem. I was surfing the net, at my usual places. Im using Firefox's newest browser, because I know its safer the IE. I use the Noscripts add on, as well as their popup blocker all the time. And at the time the original problem started. I was also using Nortons 360, along with Malwarebytes. My problem originally started with what seemed like a minor loss of internet connection. But then every few minutes or half hour or hour. I would once again be disconnected from the net. I've had connection problems with my cable before, so I immediately called my service provider.


In the mean time, I ran my virus program & Malwarebytes & they both came up clean. So knowing my Nortons was soon to expire, I uninstalled it & downloaded AVG. Did a scan with that, which came up clean too. So then I put my disc for Nortons back in & noticed problem number two. The disc wasnt reading & when I went in to My Computer, the drive also wasnt showing up on my list. So after I had unisntalled AVG, I went to delete if from my programs folder & I couldnt delete it. I also found other files in there that looked exactly like the AVG file, and after uninstalling them. Noticed I couldnt delete them either. ( the icons dont look at all like they ones for the programs they are for. All the icons look exactly the same.


But anyway, after my service provider sent out a truck & found no problems outside the house. I started checking the lines inside. Eventually, I have now replaced all wires/cables, got a brand new modem, & splitters. And Im still having the same problem staying connected to the net. Like I said, I finally downloaded & ran Hijackthis, & I see A LOT of nasties on the list. Should I make a new ppst in that forum as well?


Thank you very much in adavance, for all help offered.

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