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Create Taskbar icon to launch Flip3D


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Do you like the Flip 3D feature that was introduced in Windows Vista, which lets you slip through the stack of your open windows? It's still there in Windows 7; just press CTRL+Windows logo key+TAB. (Note that you have to have Aero enabled to use Flip 3D).


You can also create a taskbar icon to open Flip 3D by clicking, if you don't already have one. Here's how:

  • Right- click an empty spot on the desktop and select New | Shortcut
  • In the "location of the item" box, type RunDll32 DwmApi #105
  • In the "Name" field, type Flip 3D
  • Click Finish
  • Right- click on the new shortcut and select Properties
  • Click the Shortcut tab, then click the Change Icon button
  • In the "Look for icons in this file" field, type or browse to c:windowsexplorer.exe
  • Select the Flip 3D icon (looks like a stack of windows) and click OK
  • Drag the new shortcut onto the taskbar and pin it there.

Extra info: easily move between the 3D windows with the wheel of the mouse


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