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Acer aspire 5333 turns off and on and off and on etc

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Hi all, My sons acer aspire 5333 laptop was working fine earlier today when it suddenly froze, since then when he switches it on, it has the main screen which says Acer, and in the bottom left corner it says something like "press f2 to enter set up" it then makes a clicking noise and turns itself off and then it will start again and go off again, the only way to turn it off is to remove the battery. (it doesn't do anything when you press f2) Anyone got any ideas? I thought about putting the boot up disk in but thought I'd ask here first. It has windows 7.

Many thanks

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Hmmm, the clicking noise could be the hard drive failing... How old is the lappy?

One way to check the drive is to download Seatools on a good PC > " Download SeaTools for DOS ISO Image"

You will need a utility like ImgBurn to burn the .iso file to cd, pop it in the cd/dvd drive and reboot, it should run and you can test the hard drive to see if it passes the test.






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Thanks for that, the laptop is only 6 months old so is under warranty, just thought it might be something simple I could have done before it went back. I searched on the net and a few acer laptops seem to have this problem. Guess it's going back,

Thanks again

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