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Vice City was by far the best of the GTA series! -- "Dumb Florida morons" Tommy Vercetti


I heard a rumor some time back that GTA5 was supposed to take place in Chicago or NYC, but apparently they thought LA (or Los Santos as they call it) would be better.


And Ocarina of Time is probably my favorite game, though, all the Legend of Zelda games were great.


I haven't had a chance yet to play any of the more "modern" games though, my current PC isn't quite powerful enough for that challenge :P

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I have a long list of Favorites actually. Not a single one i could favor more than the rest.

not in any order btw, but a small sample of my more recent favs.


Stalker series (i think i prefer SOC with complete mod)

Skyrim modded

Dark Athena


BF 3

UT 3

Just cause 2 (way better than GTA 3 imo)

God of War 3

Gran Turismo 5 (i even spent some $500 for the G27 and Wheelstand pro) made it 10x's better

Uncharted 2

Killzone 3

Resistance 2


if i go much farther back, Pcpitstop would have to buy more servers.

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all-time fave would be the civilization series. i've currently logged over 500 hours on civ 5 alone.


after that probably world of warcraft, the elder scrolls series, diablo series (although 3 was kind of a let-down), and i love the madden games.

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