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win 7 pc - Win 7 Security 2012 issue


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My pc boots up to the desktop, but if I click on the IE icon, or if I click on the Windows Live icon - a popup "Win 7 Security 2012 Alert" comes up every time and I can't go past it.



The popup also offers to remove 29 infections, but when I click on Remove, another popup wants me to purchase full version or manual activation - but if I click on either a new blank grey window with 504 Gateway Time-out is at the top title area.


btw, I have avast free antivirus, and found nothing with a boot scan and a full scan.



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Soulfly, Thanks for the link - to exactly my issue!


So I saved on a flash drive - FixNCR.reg and on my infected pc double clicked it.

But the win7 security virus pops right up - so I am stuck right away again.




OK, better - I restarted in safe mode and was able to double click on the file successfully.

Restarted and am able to open Internet Explorer.

I am now continuing with the rest of the steps provided in the link....


FIXED! successfully completed all steps in the link. BIG THANKS, TW

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