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Winrar: unexpected end of archive - which file is corrupted?

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I've downloaded 39 900MB files. When I open the archive, winrar says about the 39th rar file:


Winrar: unexpected end of archive


I redownloaded this file 2x but still get the error. Is there a way I can find out which file is corrupted without having to download everything again?

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It might not be the 39th file....right click each one a check properties.....they should all be the same size..except maybe the last one.....you might beable to check the sizes by just hoveing your cursor over each RAR file to see the size...if find one smaller that the rest download that paricular file again......also when unrar all the files check the box that says "Keep broken files"......you can then view whatever the total file is..if is movie might take you to the credits....if music files you will almost see the total package with mybe a few songs at the end missing......as you don`t say what the file is hard to advise specifically....am sure you dont mean 39x900MB...more a total of 900MB..yes?

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