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Error 1068 - WLAN Auto Config Service

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I have been happily using my Windows 7 PC for over a year now with wireless connection. Tonight I did microsoft updates, rebooted and now cannot get on line. The network is working ok as I'm using my netbook to type this, I just can't get onto my PC. I've tried system restore to no avail. In services the WLAN Auto Config says automatic and says to start the service. When I try this I get this error message:


"Windows could not start the WLAN Auto Config service on local computer. Error 1068: the dependency service or group failed to start.


When I go to msconfig and click on the services tab the box is ticked for WLAN AutoConfig and says stopped.


Can anyone tell me how do I start this? Or what else can I try to find a solution? All help gratefully received.

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you should be able to restart the service in the administrative tools

open the control panel

click on administrative tools

double click on services

scroll down to WLAN Config

right click on it

choose properties

look at start up type

choose automatic

click ok and restart your computer

try that see if that works.......

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In Windows 7 go to Control Panel/Network and Internet and click on "View network status and tasks", then on the left click "Change adapter settings" to make sure that your Wireless adapter is enabled, if not right click and select "enable". Or try this, right click the adapter and select "disable" and wait to a count of 5, then right click and select "Diagnose" and let Windows re-enable the adapter. See if that helps.






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Thanks caintry_boy - that didn't work either. I've just gone back to factory settings and retained user data, so now just got to set the pc up again. I've got connected again by doing this - a bit drastic but nothing else seemed to help. Thanks all for trying.

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there are a couple of things to try

1...you can update or see if there is a update for your chipset.

for that need the make and model number of your computer.


2...go to your control panel and choose device manager

open it and click on network adapters

right click on wireless and uninstall

just click ok


next go to the top and you will see ACTION

choose scan for hardware change

then restart your computer and see if that helps...

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I am going to share few tricks with you that have helped various users. You too perform these tricks in order to solve the said error:


1. Start Dependent Services for Windows Firewall

2. Start Dependent Services for the Print Spooler Service

3. Fix Registry and Clear Web Browser Cache

4. Start Dependent Services for Internet Connection Sharing


If you can't do the above tasks then read the article that i have shared below that might help you in performing the above tasks.

The Error 1068 in Windows 7 may still occur if your registry is not properly configured.

If you have already been experiencing the error 1068 error, you can get some help from this article error 1068 windows 7

Hope it fix your problem.

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