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So who has a 3D TV?


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Do you like/dislike? reasons?


I just got one recently, a 2011 model Sony connected to my PC and PS3. I had to tweak it a bit but after that it looks really amazing in both movies and games. Some PC games don't look too 3d'ish. but Alice: madness returns in particular looked very crisp, detailed and excellent depth. Skyrim, not so much but i haven't tried any others yet other than Modern warfare 2.

I just wish the 3d glasses could be more accommodating for people who wear glasses. I didnt see any other issue's i've read about such as flickering or headaches but perhaps that was more common with older 3d tv's.


Initially i had some ghosting of objects, mostly in games. I removed pretty much most of it in games and all of it in movies doing the following. i'm sure it differs from brands though, but a reference of things to play with.


turned down LED backlight and Gamma to min.

Used the fastest I/P conversion setting

Turned down Color by 20pts

Raised brightness by 20pts.

3d Depth to 51% on PC settings


Watched some Imax Deep Sea 3d and it looked extremely good. Better than the 3d cinema's i've seen but perhaps its more to do with the movie than the 3d. Only thing i don't like is i can't figure out how to play a 3d video off my hard drive and have my TV automatically go into 3d mode. I have to manually set it to "Side by side". They also play better in WMP than StereoPlayer for some reason. Havn't tried an actual BR disc yet.

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I still use it regularly for games and movies that support native 3D. Forcing it isn't too hot, i have a player that can play any movie and force a stereoscopic mode, the 3d part looks fine, but it flickers and seems to be GPU or CPU intensive, so its mostly useless last i tried, perhaps they will fix it one day. There are a lot of 3d Youtube videos out there as well, some are simply stunning. Then there are the x rated 3d movies...so i hear :whistling:


So i still enjoy it, longest session was about 4 hours straight playing Trine 2 (which looks beyond amazing in 3D btw) and suffered no ill effects. However everyone is different, i know a girl who cannot even see 3D. Sony has provided quite a few updates since OP, basically fixing ghostings and making it look crisper, nice to see they continue with firmware updates....something i never dreamed a TV would have.

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