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Windows 7 Pro Remote Desktop Issue

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Yeah, this is a duplicate of my post in User to User, but getting no response there..


I recently setup a new laptop for a client, its running Windows 7 Professional. I am having a problem with RDP connection to this laptop with the username and password being rejected. Its definitely not a networking issue, as the laptop login shows up..


Further investigation shows that when I go into advanced RDP settings to the part with users authorized to access the laptop, the only user shown is "Owner" instead of the actual user account name. When I go to add another user and try to add the actual user name, it is not shown.


Any ideas? Typically, just enabling RDP, configuring your listening port, and making sure your firewall/router is set to forward to the right inside computer is all it takes, never seen this happen before.





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On the laptop go to Control Panel > (All Control Panel Items) > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Groups > double click on Remote Desktop Users

Add the account of the user that is allowed access.

Try RDP again and login as the user that you just added to the group.

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