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Duracell power Charger

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This is a 2 part question.


I got a Duracell power charger for Xmas as my phone (Desire HD) always runs out of battery when I'm miles from a charger!


First problem...the 2 adapters provided are not compatible with Android devices, bit of an oversight by Duracell I think.


So question 1 is - can you get an adapter so I can use this with my Android device?


Question 2 is...Will this kind of charging, via a power charger, damage the battery in my phone? I remember reading somewhere that any kind of charging other than via the mains adapter causes batteries to fail.

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#1 - You should be able to use the usb cable that came with your phone or get a mini usb to micro usb adapter.

#2 - It shouldn't harm your battery whatsoever.



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