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Nintendo 3DS' stock SD-card FAIL


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Well, some of you have just gotten a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas, but before you start doing some stuff with it, better crunch that stock SD-card and get a higher-quality SD- or SDHC-card. Apparently, both my cards had given me so much hell that I wasn't able to store any data without any problems. I was trying to store MP3s, and running the mp3val-frontend tool ensuring the file data had copied correctly and all I get is "PROBLEM", "PROBLEM", "PROBLEM", etc. on some other file. The other night I was playing these files in Nintendo 3DS Sound and the MP3s cut out halfway, suggesting the "PROBLEM" with the SD-card itself! Maybe it's quite possible it could be the card reader that's giving me grief. I can't figure out how to take the damn thing apart!


How much capacity you will need depends on the amount of games you want to store on it. Nintendo 3DS Sound will only recognize 1000 music files. Nintendo 3DS Photo Viewer will shoot up to 3000 photos and 10 minutes of video (per video). You will probably need a SDHC card with a Class 4 speed performance rating. One thing you got to look for: Avoid buying a card that has the annoying sliding write-protect switch each time you insert it into the card reader! It's madness!


Also note: Those "Eye-Fi" SD-cards are useless; those are only meant for if you're using a digital camera only. The Nintendo 3DS is more than just taking 3-D pictures and video (as outlined above).


As for safely and reliably writing data to SD cards, are there programs that lets me copy your files, and then verify them for errors?

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