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Vista fials to boot in safe mode - crcdisk.sys

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I have Vista 32 bit home ultimate on Dell 9200, it has 2 HDD but no RAID
Regulalry run CCCleaner and it is protected with Kaspersky anti-virus.

I was trying to install an app, and it failed to complete each time ... manufacturer asked me to boot up in safe mode and install from there.
It failed every time I tried to boot up in Safe mode.

sequence steps ---
Boot up using F8 .. and get Safe Mode option, but when I select it ... trundles through a load of files on screen then stops ... the last file is always the same crcdisk.sys

I can leave it for ages .. loads of HDD activity but never completes boot up.
Now however PC will no longer boot up in normal mode. (arrrrgh!)

I used VISTA disk to try ‘startup repair’ ... no difference

Tried rollback to previous system restore point ... it does not give me any any dates to choose & again fails to boot

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Update on testing ..

Booted up and ran from Vista disk:


X:Sources>bootrec.exe /fixmbr

X:Sources>bootrec.exe /fixboot

X:Sources>bootrec.exe /fixboot


Then run Bootrec /rebuildBcd


All run sucessfully


However still does not boot up ... exact same fault .. i.e


Starts ... Dell Splash screen - Bios ... then get MS green progress bar, this runs for a while then PC reboots .. then Windows recovery screen.


If I select "Normal" ... just goes around the same loop again.

If I select "Safe mode" ... it starts then stops when it reaches crcdisk.sys

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