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Any conflict between MSE and PCMatic?


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Depending on how Microsoft Security Essentials is configured, it can be a source of conflicts, both with PC Matic's Internet access as well as SuperShield, especially if the real time function is enabled. With SuperShield, there is no reason to use both products.


There is more information about SuperShield here: http://www.pcpitstop...shield_info.asp

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Microsoft Security Essentials even if the Real Time Protection feature disabled will continue to report it is such so as mentioned a conflict could still be a possibility from a security point of view and actually lesson overall online protection...


Rule of thumb never have one form of say Anti-Virus(and or multiple featured security application) installed less the aforementioned will occur...

Basically having similar security applications installed and active in system memory(this would include cloud based also) when they are performing monitoring duties and or say a on demand full scan a conflict may occur.


Which may result in say what is know as false positive detections against each other and or actual online protection being lessened overall as I mentioned prior. Or the worse case sneriao a machine becoming unresponsive which may result in a needed cold shut down which is never good if a something done on a continual basis hard-drive wise for example.


So my friendly advise is decide which you wish to use be it MSE or PCMatic. :)

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