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Trojan Alureon.FE


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Got this bugger on my Vista machine yesterday. After exhausting everything that I could do I removed the drive from the computer and slaved it to another machine and ran scans and removed everything they found. Installed back in to other computer and now all I get trying to boot is the "Dell" splash screen with "F" options in a loop. What can else can I do?

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That's the problem from slaving to another pc, the av you scanned with detects that the MBR on that drive is infected, so it removes and or quarantines the infected MBR file, without it or with a corrupted MBR your pc can not boot up.

Trojan:Win32/Alureon.FE also modifies the MBR to execute installed Alureon components.



It's also possible that other infected windows files were removed too, which hoses the o.s. Using an av program as a boot scan on the same pc with the same drive might be better.





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