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My HJT Log I have a Trojan ?


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Hi JonTom

Well I did it! I completely reinstalled my system! Wowzer.....it took 10 hours by the time I did all of the Windows updates, updated IE to 8 even if I don't use it, I find Google Chrome to be a lot faster. I also added AVG, Superantispyware, MalwareBytes, and Spybot Search and Destroy. Can you suggest anything else I could add on to keep myself from getting into trouble again? As much as I respect you guys for all of your time and effort for all of the help that you give to all who ask, I hope to not have to be asking for help anytime soon again! :) So just thought I would let you know how I made out with the reinstall and to wish you a very Merry Christmas again and a Happy and healthy New Year! Thank you gain JonTom and thank you PCPitStop...love you guys!



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Hello Carline


I'm glad your machine is now back up and running well :)


Can you suggest anything else I could add on to keep myself from getting into trouble again?

SuperAntiSpware, MBAM and Spybot are all good programs, as is AVG.


I tend to recommend one of the following AV programs when prompted, but if you are happy with AVG thats fine. Please make sure you only have one real time AV running on your machine.

I hope to not have to be asking for help anytime soon again!



I will leave you with some general preventative tips below.


Have a great festive season, best wishes for 2012 :xmas_smile:



Finally, please take the time to read through the information provided below:


Enhance your System Security

  • For an excellent list of free anti virus software, free online virus scanners, free spyware detection/removal and free firewalls, click here.
  • IMPORTANT! Please make sure you only have ONE firewall and ONE real-time antivirus installed on your system. When using "on demand" scanners, first update the detection signature files, then disconnect from the internet and disable your resident security program before running the scan.
  • Once complete, remember to re-engage your resident security before going online.
Web Browsers and Browser Security



  • You can download Firefox from here.

  • If you use Firefox as your default browser, No-Script can provide additional security by preventing malicious scripts from being executed on your system.
  • You can download No-Script by clicking here.
Internet Explorer

  • The newest version of Internet Explorer is available from here.
  • Please Note: IE9 is not configured to run on XP machines.

  • If you use Internet Explorer as your default browser, SpywareBlaster would be a valuable addition to your online security.
  • SpywareBlaster prevents malicious ActiveX objects from being downloaded onto your system.
  • You can download SpywareBlaster by clicking here.
Web of Trust

  • When using search engines, Web of Trust provides you with an easy way of telling the good sites from the bad and is compatible with both Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Coloured symbols are displayed next to search results, giving you more confidence in the links you choose to click on: Green (To go), Yellow (Caution) and Red (Stop).
  • You can download Web of Trust by clicking here.
Keep your Software Updated

  • Outdated software can sometimes have vulnerabilities that are exploitable by malware.
  • Check if there are available updates for your installed software with Secunia's Online Software Inspector by clicking here.

  • Learn how to create strong passwords by clicking here and test the strength of the passwords you already use by clicking here.
General Reading

Learn How To Combat Malware

  • Would you like to learn how to fight back against malware and help others? Enroll at the What The Tech (Formerly Tom Coyotes) Malware Classroom by clicking here.
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