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network connectivity problem

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i have a problem. this morning when i tried to plug in the internet cable in my laptop i kept getting that yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it (down in the right). i kept plug in and out the cable until i got connected. i use a cable/dsl router, having 2 computers connected in the same time. only mine gave this error, as the other ran perfectly in the meantime. what seems to be the problem? a virus/trojan?

please help. i know it can maybe be a noob question, but i am not very good at computers.

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Hi ref, Welcome to the Pit! :wp:


I don't know if this is how you connected to the ethernet cable, but as a matter of practice, try this:


With the computer shut off, connect the ethernet cable to the router and then boot up your computer or if the computer is running, make the connection and then reboot the laptop.


:) Y

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