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Router loses connection interminttenly

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I have a a Netgear Range Max Wireless Router WPN 824 v3 that has been losing connection pretty regularly.

when I have a connection, it's strong.

I have my main desktop, and 2 laptops connected wirelessly.

I have my tivo connection hardwired to it.

My wife uses the connection for her itouch.

It just seems it's getting more and more frequent that we are losing connection.

It's been pretty solide for the past couple years, but I wonder if it's time ti get a new one.

The desktop is an Hp, about 4 years old, and the laptops, just bought this past summer.

dek top is running Vista and the laptops both Winddows 7.

I checked and there is no fireware available.

If I do needs a new router, what would be recommended?



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That's what I was thinking. Pardon me for this next question. Do I need to change my wireless Lan on my computers in order to connect with the N Router.

My desktop has a Wireless LAN 802.11 b & g

The laptops on the other hand have b, g & n


So I assume I would need to change my desktop LAN to an N adapter as well?

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I was just shopping some Wirless N routers and noticed this in some descriptions "Compatible with draft 802.11n

Backward compatible with 802.11b/g for ensured connectivity."

I assume that means that it can accept my desktop Wireless LAN which is b & g, and also I can connect my laptops using the wireless N option?

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yes, all new wireless N routers are backwards compatible.


You will need to set up the new router, that has not changed much in the last 10 yrs.

reset the default router access password and set up the wireless security password.


You'll see more options from the newer routers for NAS storage and printers, but read the manual and documentation well first and you should be o.k.

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