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Having fits with scour.com redirect....anyone help?

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Started today. Every other search I do in yahoo gets redirected through about four or five diff sites til it gets to scour.com. The redirect goes through google two or three times, something called banferesearch.com, some unknown site that just comes up as "redirect" two or three times and then to scour.com.


I've ran Exterminate twice now and no joy. Anyone got any hints? I'm doing a full virus definitions update right now and going to try the exterminate again. Crossing my fingers. Yahoo is just about useless as of now. Four searches had three redirects. They all went to ampnetwork.net this time.


Anyone got any ideas?



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My favs in order (all FREE, I tell you):




http://go.eset.com/us/online-scanner (needs to run through IE for active X)




My virus/spyware protective #1, Microsoft Security Essentials:




Since you are already bitten, I suggest Eset Online first



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FFR, I tried the Microsoft security essentials one first figuring it would be the one....it wasn't. Spent 3.5 hours doing the full scan and on my first search, "ford", it redirected to some ad site. Had me cussing. Tried the malwarebytes one, the first one you listed next. Did the quick search and it found 31 registry entries for bullsh*t. I was stunned. It seems the crap I HAD was named myweb something or other. HAD! lol The malwarebytes one wiped the danged scour redirect fully. Yahoo's working again! Going to do the full scan later today.

On a side note, my amazon.com has had probs logging in on their site when I was shopping the past few days. The login screen would freeze and crash IE and then it would reload the same page again and freeze again. The malwarebytes program seems to have fixed that crap, too!

If anyone has the scour.com redirect crap....the malwarebytes link that FFR listed first above....works!

Thanks, bud! I owe you one!

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