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Create simple shortcuts for Create System Image and Backup User

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With this two shortcut you can access quickly the creation of a system image of your computer or just backup user data.



For "Create System Image" only,


Click right-click in Desktop--->New--->;Shortcut-->;Type or copy-paste this %SystemRoot%System32sdclt.exe /BLBBACKUPWIZARD to the blank.


Then, click Next; and change the name to System Image;Finish



For "Backup User and System Files"


Repeat the above steps, but type or copy-paste instead C:WindowsSystem32sdclt.exe /configure and then change the name according to the function "Backup user data" or any similar name that let you know which one is.



This last step is optional, but is nice to have a true icon instead of a white one, so


Right-Click any of the shortcuts, then Properties-->Change Icon




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