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IE 8 Problems

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Just upgraded to IE8 (yesterday) and now I am not able to sign in to my MSN butterfly. This probably would not be a major problem, but I have a lot of email that comes to my MSN email addy. If I was to uninstall IE8 and install Firefox could this possibly fix the problem or is it a bad idea?

Would appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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I just went through 15 mins of writing a message to find out it did not even take. I will try and make this brief. Yes, I am using XP (for the time being) research showed that my Cache was deleted from MSN Account when I upgraded to IE8. Tries to do a 48hr Restore, but no positive results. Uninstalled IE8 and reinstalled IE7 and still nothing. Going to chock it up to a loss (Files, email messages along with many "Favorites." Cannot use Printer and half my key board is dead. Time to put XP to sleep and go into W7.

Not sure if this will make it to the forum, but here we go.

Thanks for all the assistance.&

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