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Ping.exe virus


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Hello, I've runa bit of a search on the web and this seems a complicated virus/malware to remove, MSE isn't even finding it.


I run Windows 7 64 bit. I don't see a sticky for what all I should post. I'll give the details and post HjT when prompted.


The process PING.EXE is constantly running in my task manager and I'm sure I'm helping a DDOS attack or something and I'd like to stop. Terminating the process and it returns, same with suspending the process. Sometimes I get the BSoD.


I've run Malwarebytes and it finds nothing, same with OIbit and MSE. Also, scanning in safemode I eventually get errors about no more resources on the machine and can't do anything more.'


Also, I cannot turn my firewall on


More info, seems I am not DDOSing someone, I am pinging myself at


Also, the file name is the sysWOW64 which doesn't seem to be a virus according to various searches, but I'm constantly pinging myself and nothing seems to detect a malware or virus.

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Download http://www.trendmicr.../HijackThis.exe and save it to it's own folder on your desktop. Open the program and select to "Do a scan and save a log". When the scan finishes it will open the log in Notepad, copy/paste the contents into a new log that you start here > http://forums.pcpits...ijackthis-logs/

Please include the log from Malwarebytes initially also.






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