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Wiring a Network

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I have a M.Ed. in Computer Technology, and took courses in Windows Server/Active Directory, but unfortunately, the curriculum neglected how to actually wire a network. I'm good with wireless networks, but never wired a network before. A friend wants to set up a network in his pet store going from the server in his office, to the computer at his desk, to a computer station in the middle of his store, to the cash register. Do I just connect the server to a hub and then connect the other three computers to the hub? Like this:


Posted Image


Now, if there is already a network set up connecting three different computers, and he wants this new network to connect to the old network, how is that done?

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you would do it exactly as shown in your diagram. If possible, go with a switch instead of a hub for faster and more reliable network traffic.


if he wants to connect two separate networks together, he'll need to use routers to do so...the best solution would be to simply convert the existing network to what you have in your diagram.

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In your router make sure you set your "use router as dhcp server" to yes or true. However if you add a physical firewall (which i suggest in addition to a software firewall) you will want to use that as your dhcp server. Depending on where you set up the firewall, you may need to use a patch cable. Good luck,


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btw, the router will work as a "physical" firewall. i suggest spending a little extra coin to get a good, reliable one.


something like: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833124127


i've set up a few networks with that baby and have had nothing but good feedback from my customers.

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