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Market for stolen credit cards

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The Market for stolen credit cards data...

- http://ddanchev.blogspot.com/2011/10/expos...edit-cards.html

October 31, 2011 - "What's the average price for a stolen credit card? How are prices shaped within the cybercrime ecosystem? Can we talk about price discrimination within the underground marketplace? Just how easy is to purchase stolen credit cards known as dumps or full dumps, nowadays?... the market for stolen credit cards data... 20 currently active and responding gateways for processing of fraudulently obtained financial data.

Key summary points:

Tens of thousands of stolen credit cards a.k.a. dumps and full dumps offered for sale in a DIY market fashion

• The majority of the carding sites are hosted in the Ukraine and the Netherlands...

• Four domains are using Yahoo accounts and one using Live.com account for domain registration...

• Several of the fraudulent gateways offered proxies-as-a-service, allowing cybercriminals to hide their real IPs by using the malware infected hosts as stepping stones.

The dynamics of the cybercrime ecosystem share the same similarities with that of a legitimate marketplace. From seller and buyers, to bargain hunters, escrow agents, resellers and vendors specializing in a specific market segment, all the market participants remains active throughout the entire purchasing process. With ZeuS and SpyEye crimeware infections proliferating, it's shouldn't be surprising that the average price for a stolen credit card is decreasing. With massive dumps of credit card details in the hands of cybercriminals, obtained through ATM skimming and crimeware botnets, the marketplace is getting over-crowded with trusted propositions for stolen credit card details..."

(More detail at the ddanchev URL above.)


More here:

- https://krebsonsecurity.com/2011/10/turning...into-hot-stuff/

October 31st, 2011



I see this as very important due to the fact I have had a family member hit with this type of stolen debit card fraud. It's not easy to regain from.

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