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Is your web cam spying on you?

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Makes me glad I don't have any webcams. :bad:




I use them all the time. Pretty simple concept, don't click on things that you don't know what they will do, and considering flash is very insecure, check your flash settings occasionally.


I fail to see why it makes you glad you don't use webcams.


I mean if such things make you worried then why would you use the most insecure, bug ridden, full of holes operating system ever to exist? :shrug::rofl3:

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heard about this awhile back.....police were warning people about web cams.....hackers would use your own web cam to get naked pictures of anyone....then sell the images on he net.....and you would not even know it........as if my :worship: pot belly would be a turn on sheeesh :pullhair::rofl2: yup disgusting :blushing:

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