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Any Business Owners Interested In Trying Some New Time Tracking Softwa


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I'm not trying to spam the forum, so I'm not going to put any links here. However, if you own a business and are interested in trying some new online time tracking software, please let me know.


I've started a software company and this is my first product. I'm looking for some people who may be interested in using it free for 3 months in exchange for feedback. It's all web-based, so there's nothing to install. There's a lot of potential to save money, especially if you're currently using paper timesheets.


If anyone is interested, please PM me. I'm trying to get a few businesses on board to find out what people think and what I can change to make it better. I'll send you a link to the demo site so you can try it out before you say yes to anything.


Thanks for your time!

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