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Reinstall Windows 7 Without Changing Your Personal Settings, Installed

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Here are some steps to follow to fix any Windows error.


#1. The first thing to do is to verify that the problem is not with the update server. Occasionally you may not be able to run Windows update and the fault may not be on your PC.


To verify this first of all try to run Windows update from the start menu. If this does not work go to update.microsoft.com and try from there. If neither of these work go to the next step.


#2. Verify the time and date are correct on your computer. If the date is wrong it can prevent Windows update from working. If the date and time are correct go to the next step.


#3. Start internet explorer and then go to the tools menu at the top of the internet explorer window, then go to internet options, then click on the security tab. Once in there click on the trusted sites icon, then click on the sites tab beneath that. Once in there untick the 'require server verification' box. Once you have done this add these sites in there using the add button.

Configuring the installation of Windows Updates | Techyv.com

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Not sure what the point is your trying to make. The above instructions certainly would not fix "Any Windows Error" and would only be part of a troubleshooting process for WU errors.


Also not relevant to the thread - Did you mean this to be a fresh thread?

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