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Printer On A Network

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I have an hp laserjet 1320. I have it hooked up through a desktop on my network. I have a laptop that I'm trying to print from on the HP 1320 through the desktop, shouldn't I be able to do that? I see the printer on the laptop but when I try to print it says there is an error.I can print we directly hooked to it from the laptop. Help... Please

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It has to have something to do with this new laptop that has windows 7 on it because I was able to take my old laptop with xp and get right on it.... the new laptop with windows 7 gives me this when i try and connect to the printer... no driver found, windows can't find a driver for hp laserjet 1320 pcl 6 on the network. to locate one manually, click ok, otherwise click cancel and consult your network administrator or the printer manufacturer's website.... I'm able to connect directly to the printer and print so doesn't that mean I have a driver on the new laptop????? but the driver on the new laptop shows as hp laserjet 1320 pcl 5... would that be a problem because the one on the desktop shows hp laserjet 1320 pcl 6???? thanks for trying to help!

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Is the printer shared on your desktop (the computer that it is directly connected to)?

If yes, on the laptop did you add the networked printer and set it as default? Easiest way is to click on Start and in the search or run field type \\<NameofDesktopComputer>

Once you connect to your desktop you should see the shared printer. Just double click on it to add it.


Also remember that your desktop has to be turned on and not sleeping/hibernating when you try to print from another machine.


Regarding the question about PCL 5 or 6 ... it should not matter if one computer has 5 and the other is 6. That is just the version of PCL (language for the printer) not the actual print driver. Both should work.

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Another thing to look for is putting the printer on a static IP address. Most router assign an IP address every time a device goes online - HP printers really don't cope with this when you add W7 into the mix. Check your router settings for the starting dynamic IP...usually - Your printer needs to be assigned an address below this....mine is on


Once you have established an IP address, access the printer via your web browser...instructions below:




Search for new printers in W7 and it should find the HP printer. Do not install any HP software or drivers, the windows drivers are more than capable.


As the printer is now on a static IP you should have no issues.

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