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Weird Internet Rollover Issue

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First post. I came here because I looked up Atheros AR8151 PCI-E gigabit ethernet controller NDIS6.20 network adapters. I have those. Obviously!


Assume my computer specs are below ala registering. If not, I am using a Win 7 64 bit PC with 8gb OF RAM. but the main issue is my net connection. I am getting "internet rolleovers". That is, every few hours for no obvious reason my internet connection will by itself go off and come back on. I am using ethernet internet by the way - not wireless.


The router lights all flick off and the icon in the task bar gets a cross. Then the router turns itself back on and about a minute later my internet returns. My router is an adsl billion with wireless functionality possible. This drives me nuts. It interrupts downloads, games etc.


I have had this computer for a day. In my previous computer the same problem occurred. I fixed it by rolling back the ethernet driver about 2 years. But this time I have no driver to roll back TO. a tech also thought last time that it was a packet-size issue going, then from xp to 7 so he in the cmd.exe reduced the size of packets in ipcon fig. But It didn't seem to help.


Any thoughts? Ideas? The ethernet driver is the right driver and it is fully up to date.

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If you say that the router resets that most likely it is an issue with the router and not your computer.

Some things to try first: a differnt cable / different port

Other things to try: Upgrading the router firmware / resetting to default and setting up again

If all fails: Replace the router

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is this your router or is it your isp's? if it's your isp's let them take care of any firmware upgrades (or at least get their explicit permission) since it is possible to brick the router with a faulty firmware update.

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