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Router/password/internet Issues

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I've posted this before but have some new info. We have a Mac laptop and recently installed a Linksys router, but didn't secure it. We went back to try and secure it, and connected the router and laptop with the ethernet cord, brought up the wireless settings, named the network and gave it a password. All settings were saved. But when we try to connect (without the ethernet cord), we get a message that the password is incorrect.


Is there a way to just uninstall the whole thing? The router is past the period for free tech support from Linksys. Or is there something simple here that we're missing?


Any suggestions appreciated!

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you need the same password for the wireless security that's on the router. You can reset the router back to it's defaults if you do not have the correct password. It is not the same or shouldn't be the same password for accessing the router. You should have two passwords, one for the wireless access and one for the router.

Power off and look on the back of the router for the reset button, you need a pin to push the little button in for a minute, it is recessed and will need something like a pin to reach it

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what i did with my linksys router is go someplace like http://strongpasswordgenerator.com/ and make a password. after you make it save it to word or open office or what ever word program you use. what i did is save it to a usb thumb drive and copy and paste it in your laptop or if you ever need to re install windows you will have it

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