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the board is fast for me except when I first get here and click on any forum. It is faster, it was about a minute before but now my end it's about 30 seconds, or it seems like it is. I only experience this once and then everything is good after that first click to one of the forums. If I come here and click just on the link to a thread, I get no lag until I click on any of the forums the first time

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I still have to 'double click' on the forum I want to read, after I click on this "saved" to Favorites short cut .... Yes, I've deleted all cookies and removed any History



Dang ... being an Admin here, don't do squat for me and my IE 9 Browser :P

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I'm seeing better improvement now


Exec. Time: 5.8103

That's the fastest I've seen clicking on a forum the first time

(still need to toggle the edit button to paste too)

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still slow for me, no idea where you get the exec times from(ah see them now and will take notes), but took about a minute to get into gd forum after being in pd, and took about 30 secs to get into folding forum before pd.


it's weird and very unpredictable on when it works fast and when it's slow slow slow.


:b33r: .


just took 29.6549 to get into custom pc's forum. load is 3.13

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worked last night but today it is worse, I got tired of waiting earlier this morning so I waited till later

Exec. Time: 98.6178

and it still took a very long time



Thanks for the assists, gang.

We're gonna get to the bottom of this and get it resolved once and for all. :tup:


:) Y

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i think they really did it this time joe, i got the "forum being upgraded" dialog, couldn't access sit for 15 minutes, it was around 11:40am.


everything is still quick and responsive.


You are correct duanester, we did upgrade.


Everyone's help with pointing out inconsistent behavior is appreciated and has helped tremendously in tracking down the sources.

There were some "bug fixes" that have been instituted and they appear to be helping with the navigational speed.


I'm not so sure that we're entirely out of the woods yet, but it is looking better.

Let us know if you experience further delays or glitches.


:) Y

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